Meet Riley

Riley is a driven Yogi, photographer, bodyworker, and travel junkie. She thrives off of connection, community, and healing and strives to bring all of these things to you in order to help you along your journey of personal growth. This platform can be used to book any of her offerings, peek into life from Riley’s eyes, and overall, create something special together.


Photo by: Tyler Whealan

Yoga and Wellness

Riley discovered her love for yoga and meditation in high school, and started to practice regularly as a way to de-stress and calm her anxiety. It didn’t take her long to understand the powerful effect the practice had on her health and well being. Pretty soon she began to cultivate a sense of self love, personal growth, and healing. Riley began studying Holistic Wellness, became a Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner, and completed Yoga Teacher Training. Her intention is to hold space for others to heal, feel supported, and discover their infinite potential. She strives to bring others together through building connection, compassion, and love for all sentient beings with various healing arts. She believes these are powerful tools for living and being together on this planet.

Photo by: Merissa Conley



Riley began to develop her photography/videography skills in High School and continued to develop her professional portfolio at the University of Houston in Texas. She has always been passionate about all things art and has a soft spot in her heart for digital media. Her work consists of anything from landscapes to weddings, but her main focus has been reggae concerts and street photography. Her goal is to one day make a living off of travel documentaries- where she can tell stories from all over the world. Her favorite spots to film so far have been Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, and Cambodia

Authentic Relating

Authentic Games are groups of exercises and conversation games that help establish meaningful human connections. To keep it simple- it gives people a great excuse to get out and make friends, be listened to, and socialize on the edge of their comfort zones.

After finding her love for Authentic Relating games in Houston, TX roughly three years ago, Riley has made it her goal to spread these connection building, group activities to help promote community, authenticity, and empathy around the globe. She recently started hosting Authentic Relating events in Boston, MA and wants to continue to expand these meaningful conversations to other states in the U.S.

Photo by:Mia Parker
A note from Riley

Currently, I’m living in West Medford, MA, where I moved to from Houston, Texas. If you feel called to connect with me or practice with me, feel free to book anything from a private yoga class, to a photo shoot on my website-or shoot me an email. As well as bookings, I also offer my photography to take home as a print for your home. (direct inquiry to email as well)

Your support makes my dreams of doing what I love a reality.

– Riley

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Each month, you will receive a gentle reminder of how you can practice self love as well as a schedule of my classes and events coming up.