Unapologetically me

My New Years resolution is to be unapologetically me 

How raw and authentic can we be with ourselves and with the people that we love? 

How much can we acknowledge our dissociations with our emotions and our life path with our intentions and habits? 

I want to discover π“‚π“Ž π“‰π“‡π“Šπ“‰π’½

I want to own it. 

There’s a difference between discovering your truth and owning it. You can be aware of what is true for you, but abide by what you think society would want you to be/think/wear/act. This is the hole I fell into when I moved. I knew my truth, but didn’t own it. A combination of putting someone else’s wants and needs over my own, trying to fit in, being depressed for a majority of time, and many other things led to this. But I finally feel relieved. 

I feel like I’ve found a π‘…π’½π“Žπ“‰π’½π“‚.. or maybe I created my own. 

I feel seen. 

I feel heard. 

I feel like myself again. 

I’m doing what I love again. 

I’m happy. 

So maybe my New Years resolution is already off to a good start, but I finally have the confidence that it can be consistent. 

And I finally have the support that I needed to stay afloat. 


Photo by: John Slaby

Published by Riley Kathleen

Our realities are limitless. Every morning we have the choice to create the day that will provide the most happiness to our lives and build a strong relationship with ourselves and the planet. Humans have evolved into extraordinary creatures with bizarre machines, great discoveries, and intricate , beautiful cultures. I have discovered a belief within me that one of my jobs on this earth is to capture the magical moments that take place; the lovely and the ugly, the inspiring, the growth. In turn my hopes are to help others notice all these rich aspects to the world and shed light on subjects that show me what life is all about.

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